Natural Resources

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Natural resources form the bloodline of our society. With the growing world population, the geopolitics and scarcity of raw materials, volatile commodity prices and global trade barriers there is a growing concern within the commercial and public domain about the treatment, access and security of natural resources, like water, oil/gas, rare metals and waste. The term natural resources has a broader interpretation than the term raw materials or commodities. Such an interpretation is in line with the interpretation within the policy documents of the European Union.

With regard to natural resources companies and government organisations are dealing with a complex array of forces that are constantly subject to change, be it of a legal, (geo) political, social or economic nature on a national, regional or international level. This complexity makes it difficult for companies and government organisations to answer simple questions like: How do I prevent interruptions in the supply chain? How do I prevent that I cannot compete because of souring commodity prices? What can I do to make my products and production line more sustainable without distorting the conditions of fair competition?

Koppe Consultancy advises companies and government organisations in formulating their strategic natural resources policy by offering you the following services:[/fusion_text][/one_full][/fullwidth][accordian divider_line=”” class=”” id=””][toggle title=”Law and legislation:” open=”no”]The complexity of natural resources brings about various laws and legislation.For example in the field of energy. Koppe Consultancy has the expertise to provide your organisation with the key insights and implications of these laws and legislation for your organisation.[/toggle][toggle title=”Policy:” open=”no”]Koppe Consultancy supports your organisation in formulating a policy on natural resources by creating insight into the risks your organisation runs by conducting an impact assessment. In addition, Koppe Consultancy provides you with possible strategies to avoid these risks and secure your natural resource supply taking into account the relevant legal framework.[/toggle][toggle title=”Lobby:” open=”no”]By creating insight into both the consequences and possibilities of new legislation Koppe Consultancy can assist your organisation in setting up an effective lobby by making new legislative proposals.[/toggle][toggle title=”Guest speaker:” open=”no”]You can also ask Chris Koppe as a guest speaker to provide a lecture at your organisation. These lectures can be about a specific topic, or have a more general scope, such as: How should we as a European Union secure our natural resource supply?[/toggle][/accordian]

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